Email Hosting Services


Email Hosting

Because your organization depends upon its email systems to carry out communications with customers, colleagues, and partners, it needs a reliable email system with guaranteed uptime. Unfortunately, traditional email systems with built in redundancies that prevent system downtime can be expensive when hardware, software and support costs are factored. Instead of a traditional, on-premise email solution, consider Redient’s Cloud Hosted Exchange.

Communicate and Collaborate

Through Redient Systems Corporation Hosted Cloud email Services, your entire enterprise has access to traditional email services plus shared tools. In addition to sending and receiving emails to individuals and groups, your business can view and share contact lists and calendars, manage tasks, and much more.

Email access is always available

Our Hosted Email solution is accessible anytime and anywhere there is internet connectivity. Our Hosted Email is accessible via a browser or Outlook Web access. With our wireless email synchronization services, email is also available on your portable, internet-enabled smart tablets and phones.

Rest assured that your emails are secure and backed up.

Your Cloud Hosted Email solution is housed in Redient Systems Corporation’s data centers that are located on U.S. soil. Your Hosted Exchange data and services are housed in a fully clustered and redundantly backed up environment to ensure that your organization always has access to its critical email services.