Infrastructure Plan

Redient’s Network Services group follows a disciplined and proactive methodology when conducting client engagements. The “ADIM” approach follows this process:


Before work is performed on a client site, it is important to understand its environment. Redient will perform a comprehensive technical review (RTR) of your environment to become acquainted with the current system. This review is a complete analysis of your environment and business needs that require technology solutions. From this assessment, Redient will thoroughly understand the various hardware components and software configurations of your system and how they function together in order to serve the needs of your business. Redient will identify aspects of your system which can be improved to optimize performance, increase reliability, reduce the risk of downtime, and position you for a quick recovery should a catastrophic event occur. Redient will also identify possible solutions that could improve the way in which you do business.


Once the initial analysis is performed, any project work that you agree to implement will begin. The project work will be carefully designed, documented, and tested to ensure that you understand the process and the transition will be smooth when the changes are made within you environment.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Redient consultants will perform the project implementation on site with minimal impact to your working environment. We will perform the work at times convenient for you to ensure that you don’t lose any productive time for your business. At the conclusion of the implementation, Redient consultants will be on hand to help you and your user’s transition smoothly to the new environment. You will also receive a complete report of the work performed on site and any special information that you need to know about the new configuration.


Once the project is complete, Redient will take a proactive approach to maintaining your IT environment. We will ensure that your networks run at their peak efficiency by performing regular checkups on them, applying required service-packs and patches, and alerting you to significant events that could signal potential trouble in the future. This service also includes quarterly reviews with the Redient management team to ensure that your technology needs are being satisfied and to inform you of technology offerings that could improve the efficiency and productivity of your business.